Pennsylvania Rare Plant Forum

Hello, fellow botanical enthusiasts,

The Forum will take place virtually on Saturday, April 2nd, from 8:30 am–2 pm. The majority of the Forum will consist of discussing species’ status change proposals. No RSVP or registration is necessary. However, if you would like to attend and want the Zoom link information, the please contact Scott Schuette,, or Kelly Sitch,

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The PA Rare Plant Forum Committee
Mark Bowers
Steve Grund
Jessica McPherson
Scott Schuette
Kelly Sitch

Get involved!  
As mentioned at the 2014 Rare Plant Forum, the PA Natural Heritage Program is participating in a collaborative project to help update the conservation status of several mysterious plant species. We are trying to find as many locations of these plants as possible, in order to learn enough about them to assign them the right status ranks. You can download an identification guide, organized by region, here.

PNHP is asking people to keep their eyes open for these species and report any potential sightings in the field. There was a little talk about the role of Rare Plant Forum attendees in the data gathering process — and this may be just the opportunity you are looking for!

If interested, please contact Jessica McPherson, Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program / Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, at or 412-586-2362.

Group 1.

Group 2.

Group 2, Continued.

There are 24 draft proposals ready for public review and comment. View them here!

The table of contents (TOC) in the linked pdf is hot-linked to provide quick navigation to each proposal. There is also a summary table of proposed changes after the TOC. Because there are 24 proposals this year, we are requesting prior input from participants to structure the agenda efficiently. Specifically, if you would like one or more of the proposals to be allocated discussion time in the agenda, please send us a note by 8:30 am Friday April 1.

If there are any proposals for which no one requests discussion, we will group them and ask for consensus on approving the group. 

As always, if you wish to ask questions or share comments regarding these 24 species before the forum, this can help us to improve the proposals. If you are not able to attend on the day of the forum, submit written comments and we will share them during the meeting.  

Please send comments, questions, and requests for proposal discussion to Scott Schuette: