Pennsylvania Rare Plant Forum

Saturday, April 27, 20199 am – 3 pmShavers Creek Environmental Center
3400 Discovery Road • Petersburg, PA 16669-2114

Register here now for the 2019 Rare Plant Forum! As always, attendance is free. Bring your own lunch.

Fellow Plant Conservation Partners:

We are pleased to announce that the 2019 PA Rare Plant Forum will take place on Saturday, April 27th at Shavers Creek Environmental Center near Petersburg, PA.

The PA Rare Plant Forum serves as an opportunity for concerned citizens and plant enthusiasts to discuss changes to the regulatory status of PA Plant species. These discussions are used by DCNR, along with data from the PA Heritage Program and the recommendations of PA Vascular Plant Technical Committee, to update PA’s plant regulations.

Exciting news!! The Pennsylvania Plant Conservation Network (formerly the PA Plant Conservation Alliance) will be holding their first public/stakeholder meeting in conjunction with the 2019 Forum. Please join us on Friday, April 26th, 2019 from 10 am–2:30 pm at Shavers Creek Environmental Center for a collaborative discussion about the goals of the organization and stewardship of rare plants. There will also be opportunities for hiking and botanizing in the vicinity of Shaver’s Creek after the PPCN meeting, in the tradition of the pre-Rare Plant Forum field trip.  Please go to our Partner News page for more details on this meeting.

A PDF of 2019 proposals is available in the sidebar at right. As in recent years, there will also be an opportunity at the RPF to discuss and present “field target” species that may be of interest but not quite ready for proposal.

For the minutes and proposal decisions from the 2018 Rare Plant Forum as well as updated information about the 2019 Rare Plant Forum Proposals, go to the sidebar at right​.

A note regarding parking: Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center is situated within the East Entrance of Stone Valley Forest and Recreation Area (owned and managed by Penn State). There are several parking lots at the Center but RPF and PPCN attendees who are able and interested in a short hike are encouraged to park at nearby Stone Valley Cabins and Concession area (accessible by following Scare Pond Road around the Lake, off of Red Rose Road) to help alleviate any congestion at the Center itself. A short ADA accessible trail (Boardwalk/Lake Trail) runs from the Cabin parking area to the Center, with sight-seeing and botanizing along the way. This will be a great opportunity to go for a walk or hike on your way to/from the meetings at the Center. Further information about Stone Valley Recreation Area, including a map link is available here:

Lodging is probably easiest to find in State College (about 20 minutes from Shavers Creek), but we would be remiss if we didn’t recommend Huntingdon (about 30 minutes from Shavers Creek) as well.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Forum!

The 2019 PA Rare Plant Forum Committee
Mark Bowers
Jessica McPherson
Scott Schuette
Kelly Sitch​

Get involved!  As mentioned at the 2014 Rare Plant Forum, the PA Natural Heritage Program is participating in a collaborative project to help update the conservation status of several mysterious plant species. We are trying to find as many locations of these plants as possible, in order to learn enough about them to assign them the right status ranks. You can download an identification guide, organized by region, here.

PNHP is asking people to keep their eyes open for these species and report any potential sightings in the field. There was a little talk about the role of Rare Plant Forum attendees in the data gathering process — and this may be just the opportunity you are looking for!

If interested, please contact Jessica McPherson, Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program / Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, at or 412-586-2362.